Bachelor's Degree Program

Bachelor's Degree Program

The bachelor degree course “Facility Management & Real Estate Management” deals with the complex real estate from construction & building technology as well as with facilities and real estate economics. The degree courses are offered as full-time study program and as part-time study program on Friday and Saturday. The six semester degree course is an enhancement of the established Facility Management degree course of the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein Tirol and the in the year 2000 established diploma course Real Estate Management and Facility Management. The sustainable operation of a real estate as well as the sustainable real estate development during construction, rehabilitation and renovation are the focus of the curricula.

Full-time or part-time (Friday and Saturday) study

The differences between the full-time and part-time studies are in the mandatory semester abroad in the 3rd semester of full-time studies, and the higher proportion of internship in the 6th semester. Part-time students work in real estate companies in addition to studying. They also do casual jobs to enable the study, are with their family or care for sick relatives or study beside this course in another university a full time degree course such as economics.

Building technology- and Real Estate Economic-affine generalists

The curriculum of the course is aimed at all skill profiles at the interface between technology and economy of buildings and their environment (“Technical Asset Management”). The sustainable operation of a real estate, as well as the sustainable real estate development in new construction, rehabilitation and renovation are the focus of the curricula.

Our graduates are technical affine generalists, who can discuss on an equal footing with engineers as well as with technicians in the field of real estate. Hey can speak the same language like the professionals, but are also able to assess and apply purposeful the company’s results, by possessing the foresight for economical and legally real estate related opportunities and risks. Our graduates are also economic-affine generalists, who can professionally discuss on an equal footing with bankers, real estate economists and real estate investors. They are also able to assess their needs and purposes, and in particular to sharpen their understanding of the technical consequences, obstacles and risks.

The main contents of the program are the fundamental economic business, national economical and juridical correlations in Economics and Management.  Also imparting knowledge of quantitative, qualitative and scientific methods to implement and the practical application in business and scientific problems, analysis and research. In particular methods and concepts are treated, that are generally necessary to cope with problems in the real estate sector and facility sector. This includes knowledge of constructional technology, architecture and building technology. In addition, also complementary skills in the modules information & communication technologies, social skills and foreign languages are needed. The practical application of specialized knowledge, as well as the feedback from current practice and research is carried out in the practical transfer module by internships, practical projects and a practice & research transfer. The introduction to scientific work is in close cooperation with the affiliated Institute of Facility Management & Real Estate Management.

Wide range of tasks with good job prospects

The graduates of our bachelor’s degree are in store for professional fields for activity within the two branches Facility Management and Real Estate Management. They can work in different companies, such as educational institution, consulting companies, management companies, real estate trustee, public housing associations, building contractors or service providers for facility services. The following fields of activity can be mentioned:

  • Planning of construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation
  • Space management
  • Management and operation of real estates
  • Maintenance
  • Facility services
  • Sustainability management
  • Real estate project development or building contractor
  • Property valuation
  • Marketing, utilization and renting

Transnational catchment area

The catchment area of the degree courses of the University of Kufstein is based on the geographical position, especially western Austria, southern Germany and south Tyrol are interested in studying in Kufstein. The career opportunities are related to these regions. In order to provide the best possible career opportunities for our graduates, this circumstance is considered in the courses.

Basic understanding of our degree course

In the course degree we focus on independence, critical reflection, open source and a purposive social contribution in the field of Facility Management and Real Estate Management.


Asc. Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Christian Huber
Director of Studies Facility & Real Estate Management, Head of Facility Management & Real Estate Research Institute
+43 5372 71819 136
Fröhler Robert
Asc. Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Robert Fröhler, M.Eng.
Vice Director of Studies Bachelor Facility & Real Estate Management, Professor for Energy Technics
+43 5372 71819 185
Steinacher Christina
Christina Steinacher
Organizational Assistant Facility & Real Estate Management
+43 5372 71819 101

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