FM & REM WinterSchool


Attendance Fee

The FM & REM WinterSchool provides two different tickets:

The WinterSchool day ticket costs for each students € 50,00 and includes the day program of the FM & REM WinterSchool as well as a day ticket for the FM & REM WinterCongress. 

The Premium WinterSchool ticket costs for each student € 200,00 and includes the day tickets for the FM & REM WinterSchool and FM & REM WinterCongress as well as the FM & REM WinterCongress EveningEvent (Gala dinner at the „Brenner Alm“) and the WinterSchool EveningEvent Ice stock sport. Both evening events include tranfer from the Univeristy of Applied Scienes Kufstein to the locations and back. Additionnaly dinner and drinks are part of the offer.


For those who like to book a WinterSchool day ticket, it is possible to book the EveningEvents separate.

WinterSchool EveningEvent Ice Stock Sport: €  50,00

FM & REM WinterCongress EveningEvent: €  180 ,00

Accomodation & Transfer

The accommodation and the transfer have to be organized on your own and is not included. If you need help with the hotel booking, please contact Sabrina Eitzinger.


Register now, and use the unique opportunity to get in touch with other students of the Facility Management and Real Estate Management branch. Start to build up your international networking and get to know new people during the Congress. Internationality is getting more and more important! At the FM & REM WinterSchool you get the chance to work on holistic real case project in international teams and you have the opportunity to get to know different work methods, views and cultural differences.

Contact Persons

Asc. Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Christian Huber
Director of Studies Facility & Real Estate Management, Head of Facility Management & Real Estate Research Institute
+43 5372 71819 136
Busko, Sabrina
Sabrina Eitzinger, MA
Research Fellow Studies Facility & Real Estate Management
+43 5372 71819 188